Popcorn Machine: $10,000
Help bring the State’s famous popcorn to the Bijou with the purchase of a great popper.

Box Office & Concessions System: $5,000
Help us outfit the Bijou box office and concessions stand so we can work hand-in-hand with the State Theatre’s system.

Signage & Marquee: $35,000
Light up the night with a new marquee and custom signage made for just the Bijou by the Bay!

Concessions Cabinetry: $28,000
Create a beautiful and efficient concessions area with custom cabinetry.

Theater Screen & Curtain: $35,000
A state of the art screen guarantees the best picture around and a curtain makes the experience majestic!

Aisle Lights: $5,000
Keep patrons safe with Bijou blue aisle lights in the new theater.

Acoustical Treatments: $20,000
Guarantee the best sound with acoustical sound treatments for the auditorium.

Interested in other specific areas of the theater? We’d love to tell you more! Contact bijouinfo@statetheatretc.org.